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           Welcome to my web site. First, the images at the top of the page represent the two places in the world where my wife and I spend a great deal of time. Although we live in Florida, we spend spring, summer and fall at our home in beautiful Maine, and as often as we can, we travel to Italy, one of the great places in the world to visit, bar none. For proof, just click on the Photo Gallery Icon for some spectacular pictures (taken myself, of course).

           I have spent my entire adult life in the film and television industry and consider myself fortunate to have worked in a business that I love and that has been very good to me. As a producer, writer and director I have produced a number of award-winning programs for MSNBC, PBS, STARZ/ENCORE, REELZ ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL and others.

           I now devote all of my time to writing novels, the first of which is IN THE REALM OF EDEN, published in 2009 by Glenbridge Publishing, Ltd. (See Story Synopsis, below.) It is available online at, AMAZON and .

           As a new age fiction author, I am currently working on EDEN DESTROYED, the sequel to IN THE REALM OF EDEN, as well as MY FATHERíS SONS, a poignant examination of two alcoholic brothers who come together after years of being apart.

In The Realm Of Eden, a novel by Robert J. Emery

           Welcome, Iím glad you stopped by.

    In The Realm Of Eden - Story Synopsis:

           A president with a vision, two rogue members of his administration, the presidentís chief of staff called away secretly by a close friend working on an unbelievable find, the discovery of a crashed spaceship with a live extraterrestrial bring about an adventure that could change the world as we know it. Can humanity accept challenges to change when its common human behaviors and assumptions are challenged?    Read Sample Pages Here...

Order your copy of In The Realm Of Eden online at:,   and

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