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In The Realm Of Eden, a novel by Robert J. Emery
In The Realm Of Eden
a novel by Robert J. Emery

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A president with a vision, two rogue members of his administration, the president’s chief of staff called away secretly by a close friend working on an unbelievable find, the discovery of a crashed spaceship with a live extraterrestrial bring about an adventure that could change the world as we know it. Can humanity accept challenges to change when its common human behaviors and assumptions are challenged?


91 One-hour Television Programs
Honoring Hollywood's Finest Directors

           A monumental and historic collection of one-on-one interviews featuring Hollywood’s Finest Directors. Each hour-long episode of The Directors is devoted to an individual director’s professional career, featuring an interview with the director, selected guests, film clips and stills.

           Produced in cooperation with The American Film Institute, this series began its domestic run on the STARZ / ENCORE Cable Network in March of 1999, and the REELZ Network in 2006. Worldwide, it is currently running in 55 countries. And in February 1999, before an audience of 500 people, Bob Emery's work on The Directors series was honored by the Directors Guild of America, in Los Angeles.

Steven Speilberg, from The Directors
Steven Spielberg, from The Directors
An ENCORE Original Presentation

Produced by
Robert J. Emery

In Cooperation With

Recipient of
The Silver Plaque Award at the
Chicago International Television Competition

The Directors featured include:

Robert Wise - Steven Spielberg - Sydney Pollack - Milos Forman - Martin Scorsese - Rob Reiner - Lawrence Kasdan - Clint Eastwood - James Cameron - Spike Lee - Martha Coolidge - Robert Altman - Richard Donner - Barry Levinson - John Frankenheimer - Billy Friedkin - Terry Gilliam - David Cronenberg - Arthur Hiller - Ron Howard - Adrian Lyne - Norman Jewison - Barbra Streisand - Wolfgang Petersen - Robert Zemeckis - John Badham - Sidney Lumet - Garry Marshall - John McTiernan - John Carpenter - Alan Pakula - Herbert Ross - Mark Rydell - Wes Craven - John Avildsen - Joel Schumacher - Roger Corman - Oliver Stone - Alan Parker - Michael Mann - Tim Burton - Jerry & David Zucker - Jim Abrahams - Paul Schrader - Phillip Noyce - Mike Figgis - Neil Jordan - Barry Sonnenfeld - Tim Burton - George Romero - Ivan Reitman - Roland Emmerich - Tony Scott - Ridley Scott - Bryan Singer - George Lucas - Cameron Crowe - James Ivory

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