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Holocaust Victims' Skulls
Holocaust Victims' Skulls

Gaschamber Victim
Gaschamber Victim

Genocide Victims
Genocide Victims

Holocaust Victims
Holocaust Victims

Cambodian Victim
Cambodian Victim

Cambodian Victims
Cambodian Victims

Kosovo Refugees
Kosovo Refugees

Kosovo Prison Camp Victim
Kosovo Prison Camp Victim

Kosovo Refugees
Kosovo Refugees

Bosnian War Dead in a Makeshift Morgue
Bosnian War Dead


4 One-Hour Television Programs
PBS & History Channel International

           The Genocide Factor: The Human Tragedy, from the Bible to Present Day is an epic 4 hour PBS mini-series which recounts the entire history of genocide. Hosted by Academy Award winning actor, Jon Voight, The Genocide Factor covers, in-depth, the many organized massacres that occurred around the world in recent times, as well as organized killings of innocent bystanders recorded in the Bible and documented in history.

The Genocide Factor Trailer

           The act of genocide was not referred to as "genocide" until 1943 when the renowned international jurist, Raphael Lemkin, coined the word from the Greek, "genos", meaning race or tribe, and the Latin suffix, "cide", meaning to kill. Lemkin described a number of cases throughout history in which a group was targeted for extermination by means of a calculated systematic plan, simply because of its religion, ethnic, or racial origin. Although other authorities have modified Lemkin's definition in a number of ways, with this one simple word he succeeded in raising the consciousness level of many human rights advocates, scholars, jurists and the world at large, into examining what many people consider to be the darkest side of human nature.

           The history of humankind is riddled with acts of violence and brutal massacres. Humans have found innumerable ways to inflict pain and torture upon one another and countless ways to murder targeted groups of people. Individuals and organizations have studied this baser nature of man and are struggling to understand it with the hope that a solution for its elimination will be found.

           With the aid of scholars, experts and survivors, The Genocide Factor examines the definition and complex dimensions of genocide by reviewing its history, its present status, and contemplating its future.

Holocaust Death Camp Victims
Holocaust Death Camp Victims

A Media Entertainment Production
In Cooperation with
WEDU Tampa Bay - PBS

Producer & Director:
 Robert J. Emery

Writer & Associate Producer:
 Manoug Manougian, Ph.D.

 Jack Sandler, Ph.D.

 Academy Award Winner,
 Jon Voight

Recipient of the Gold Special Jury Award for Best Television & Cable TV Series or Documentary at the Houston International Film Festival.

Chosen as one of the 10 Best Documentaries at the Prism Foundation 12th Night Film Festival, in Newport, Rhode Island, in 2002.

   Selected Quotes From Viewers

"...what a compelling film with a powerful message."
          -Pat O'Brien

"An excellent documentary."
          -Chantal Robitaille

"...interesting and important for the new generation."

"Horribly wonderful. You did an excellent job."
          -Marsha Strickhouser

"I must congratulate you on the EXCELLENT job you did."

"I wept tears of happiness and sadness... the sad tears were for the memories of my family members who perished in the Genocide. Congratulations!"

"...simply outstanding!"
          -Arun Mukherjea

"We watched and greatly benefitted from the 'Genocide Factor'. We were very impressed."
          -Susan Dellinger

"...a monumental contribution to the general public's understanding of the international crimeS of genocide."
          -Marc Sherman

" outstanding documentary."
          -Martin Demoorjian

"Your series is revolutionary and I feel that all world leaders need to see it..."
          -Terry Mueller

"...excellent!!! I hope something of this order can be viewed by students of the world."
          -Nancy Kuehner

"This is the most chilling, important piece of work I have ever seen. It should be made required viewing by all high school and college students."
          -Janet Frew

          -Richard Dietrich

"...I found it to be a most powerful piece."
          -Ambassador Jamsheed Marker (UN)

"I was deeply moved by the documentary."
          -Keith Washington

"I want to thank you for bringing this sad history to the attention of the world."
          -Stella Eckart

"Thank you for showing the world the pictures and stories of genocide. I was particularly shocked and repulsed by my own country's gargantuan contribution to terror in South America. Why has this story not been told on the front pages of our daily newspapers? These stories must be told. Most of my fellow citizens are naive about how much of the terror is caused by the good old USA."
          -F. Buchtel

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