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In The Realm Of Eden, a novel by Robert J. Emery
In The Realm Of Eden
a novel by Robert J. Emery

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A president with a vision, two rogue members of his administration, the presidentís chief of staff called away secretly by a close friend working on an unbelievable find, the discovery of a crashed spaceship with a live extraterrestrial bring about an adventure that could change the world as we know it. Can humanity accept challenges to change when its common human behaviors and assumptions are challenged?


4 One-hour Television Programs
Recounting the History of The Western in Cinema

           Out of a cloud of dust and across the silver screen we all sat enthralled as the American West came to life in the movies. From the very beginning audiences came to love the "old West", even though whatGOLDEN SADDLES, SILVER SPURS we saw up on the screen did not always represent the "real West". Cowboys and Indians, good guys and bad guys entertained us. It was, and remains, one of the most popular film genres ever, even though the heyday of the Western has long past.

           In four one-hour episodes, Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs recounts the history of Western Cinema, from the very beginning, through to the waning of its popularity in the mid-1950ís, when television began to bring this genre into our homes on a regular weekly basis.

Western Channel
Original Presentation

Produced & Directed by
Robert J. Emery

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